L’eau de mer … on peut boire!
L’eau de mer … on peut boire!

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When we hear this, the first thing we think is: no, we cannot drink sea water. It’s very normal to resist this idea, as we have been always taught that sea water is not for drinking, and it is difficult to break away from the beliefs that have been put in our mind since childhood. In spite of this, diverse studies have proved that sea water is indeed potable, but the most important point here is how to drink it.

Firstly, let’s talk about some of the properties of sea water. We can say that it contains all of the elements from the periodic table, a virtue that no other food or drink possesses. It is alkaline, which means that there are fewer probabilities to develop illnesses. It also acts as a cellular nutrient as a disinfectant, purgative, and laxative. It is also helpful in the formation of scar tissue, amongst its other benefits.

It is to be understood that the concentration of salt in a liter of sea water is 36 grams, while our bodies contain only nine grams per liter. That is to say, if we drink a liter of sea water in a day, we would suffer from dehydration and diarrhea amongst other things. So, how to ingest sea water without suffering from those negative effects? It’s easy – by combining it with fresh water. As we have already mentioned, our body contains nine grams of salt per liter, while sea water contains 36 grams of salt per liter, so the solution would be to mix ¼ of a liter of sea water with ¾ of a liter of fresh water. Not only can we combine it with fresh water, we also could do the same with juice and other drinks. It can also be used in a similar way as a condiment for the foods we cook, since the salt we normally use, owing to industrial processing, only contains sodium chloride and sometimes iodine.

The book “How to Drink Sea Water” by Mariano Arnal explains this theme in greater depths and with more details from experiments that demonstrate that sea water is highly beneficial for health.


Publié le June 9, 2015